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I’ve been using Beautycounter products for about seven months now and I’m not quite sure how I lived without them before. I get so many compliments on my skin: how bright it is, how healthy it looks and how I “glow”. I am always so shocked to hear this because I have always been the girl with the “bad skin”. Even after two months of Clomid back to back, using Beautycounter has kept my skin balanced and under control. Today I’m sharing the top 5 Beautycounter products I can’t live without, how I use them, how much I use them and why I love them. As we get older, having a good skincare routine is so, so important and I love that Beautycounter uses safe and clean ingredients in their products: I always feel good about using them.

ONE: Countercontrol Regimen

Cost for the entire regimen: $120

Cost for the entire regimen: $120

I haven’t used a true skincare regimen since my teenage years when I had terrible acne and tried Dermilogica, which didn’t work at all. Now, at 34 years old, I decided to try again. I took the Beautycounter Skincare Quiz and this was my result. It’s definitely an investment, but a worthy one. (Cost: $120)

Why I love it:

  • Clearer skin

  • Brighter skin

  • Healthier looking skin

  • Less breakouts overall, even around the time of my period.

When I use it:

  • Every night before bed.

Comes with:

  • Clear Pore Cleanser: This daily exfoliating cleanser effectively removes oil, makeup, and other impurities without harsh surfactants that can strip skin of moisture.

  • Instant Matte Toner: This alcohol-free mattifying toner removes residual impurities, reduces excess oil, and minimizes the appearance of pores.

  • All Over Acne Treatment: This daily all over treatment helps clear blemishes and prevents future breakouts from forming.

  • Matte Effect Gel Cream: With an innovative cream-to-gel formula, this non-greasy hydrator maintains healthy moisture levels while controlling oil for up to eight hours.

Take the Skincare Quiz here to get your customized regimen.

TWO: Overnight Resurfacing Peel

Full size: $63  Travel size: $45

Full size: $63

Travel size: $45

Whenever I get a compliment about “glowing” skin I attribute it to the Overnight Resurfacing Peel. Honestly, if there is ONE product you need from Beautycounter, it’s this…..and no I’m not being dramatic. You guys, this product is the literal best: I use it three times a week and my skin has never looked better or more healthy.

So, what is the Overnight Resurfacing Peel? It’s a proprietary blend of over 15 acids in this AHA/BHA peel clears away dull surface cells and improves skin texture – without irritation or over-drying.  It comes in a travel size (here) and a full size (here). The full size was a little outside my budget, so I have the travel size and it has lasted me about a month so far. Make sure you read the reviews about the peel, especially if you are on the fence about purchasing, because people rave about it! (and apparently I do too)

Why I love it:

  • My skin glows after I use it.

When I use it:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights after I wash my face. (On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I use the Balancing Face Mask)

THREE: Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Cost $63

Cost $63

I call this product “an Event Planner’s best friend”. I’ve also heard it called “a new mother’s best friend”. It has caffeine in it to help with puffy eyes and wild alge to help with fine lines, and I use it every morning after I put on my moisturizer (this is the one I use). I then down a large cup of coffee and all is well.

Why I love it:

  • My eyes look more youthful

  • Less fine lines (I have major smile lines)

When I use it:

  • EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. after I put on my moisturizer and before I put on my foundation (my foundation. I use Sand.)

For brighter, less tired eyes, click here.

FOUR: Velvet Eyeshadow Palatte (Classic)

Cost: $50

Cost: $50

I am obsessed with this palette. I use it everyday and have been pretty amazed at the different combinations I’ve been able create with it. The colors are rich but neutral and make my blue eyes pop.

Why I love it:

  • Priced about the same (or a little cheaper) than other popular palettes.

  • Sun kissed colors that make my eyes pop

  • Can be used for day or night time looks

  • Lasts all day

When I use it:


I get so many compliments on my eye shadow since using this palette and I’m not sure I could ever use anything else. For beautiful, eye popping eye shadow, click here.

FIVE: Split End Serum

Cost $32

Cost $32

My split ends are always out of control and no matter what I’ve used I have never been able to get them under control. I purchased the Split End Serum on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. My damaged ends and split ends have dramatically reduced….it’s a bloody miracle! I add a few pumps after I wash my hair (my shampoo and my conditioner) and praise be my hair is healthier!

Why I love it:

  • My annoying ass split ends are almost gone!

  • My annoying ass damaged ends are much healthier!

  • It’s a lightweight formula and doesn’t make my hair greasy.

When I use it:

  • After I wash my hair and towel dry it. I use a few pumps in my ends.

Join Band of Beauty and get a FREE GIFT!

Cost $29 annually.

Cost $29 annually.

Join Band of Beauty when you place your order over $50 and not only do you get a free New Member Gift (the Instant Eye Makeup Remover, a $25 value and a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award Winner!) but you get 15% product credit with every order AND free shipping over $100!

Why I love it: It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Product credit can be used on those products that are just outside your budget and FREE SHIPPING over $100!

How to join Band of Beauty:

  • On the top left of your screen there are three lines (next to the US flag). Click on them

  • Scroll to “Join Us” and expand the menu

  • Click “Become a Member”

  • Accept the terms and conditions and click “Become a Member $29”. The membership will be added to your cart and you can check out

I hope you have found some new products to try from this post. If you want a sample of the Overnight Resurfacing Peel or any of the skincare regimens send me an email!

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