Coffee Date Vol 7

There are links in this post, but I do not make money off them if you click on them because I’m not that cool.

There are links in this post, but I do not make money off them if you click on them because I’m not that cool.

Our first coffee date of 2019! How exciting!! We have so much coffee to drink in 2019, let’s jump right in.

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If we were on a coffee date….I would invite you over to my house for coffee, mostly because I want to share my Ninja Coffee System with you. I scored this bad boy on Black Friday for $85, even thought it’s usually $200! I don’t always score on Black Friday, but when I do I REALLY EFFING SCORE. We’ve been a Mr. Coffee family until now and I am really loving the additional bells and whistles the Ninja has. It also brews an amazing cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee, today at the O’Malley Home we are brewing The O’Malley Blend from Big Sky Coffee Roasters, a female owned coffee shop and roastery in Billings, Montana. Nicole from House of Drum sent me this blend as a Christmas gift (her cousin is the owner of Big Sky Coffee Roasters) and we are LOVING it. I have always had this secret dream of opening a coffee shop so I love supporting them, especially when they’re female owned! We brewed a big pot of this coffee on New Year’s Day and enjoyed it all day long. It was glorious.

If we were on a coffee date….I would ask what your goals are for 2019. Apparently I am very in to goals this year. I think it’s because I feel so out of control in certain areas of my life (cough::infertility::cough) that I’m trying to take back some semblance of control (read: dignity) by really working on goals in 2019. I wrote about my goals here. I know we are only a few days in but sticking to my goals has already made me feel better.

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you Kyle and I just finished Escape at Dannemora on Showtime AND I NEED YOU TO WATCH IT SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT. It’s a true story and it’s crazier than anything I’ve ever seen, and you know how I feel about true crime. Seriously, if you like true crime, a good story, incredible acting and amazing cinematography, WATCH THIS RIGHT MEOW.

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you about this post from my friend Kallie at But First Coffee about her struggles with infertility. Kallie has been a friend of mine since my early blogging days (2012) and her story made me feel less alone. It’s nice to have a fellow blogger, one who I admire, share so openly about something I am also struggling with. It encourages me to keep sharing our story and be open about how hard infertility is, the toll it takes on your body, how it affects your relationships and how each month feels hopeful and scary at the same time. Many of you have asked how we are doing with our infertility journey and right now we are waiting. If we do not conceive this round, we will be trying a procedure called an IUI later this month.

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you that the Reading Socks I purchased from Barnes and Noble were a big hit this holiday season. I literally purchased them for everyone on my list and everyone has told me that it was the best gift ever….I mean who doesn’t love comfortable, sherpa-lined socks?! I am so glad I bought them when I did because now my store is sold out and I seriously wear mine every. single. day. They’re the warmest, most cozy damn socks. If you have a friend who loves Hygge as much as I do, these are the perfect gift.

Thank you for joining me for some coffee at home today……I hope you’ll continue to join me for a cup or twelve in 2019!


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