2019 Goals


2019 we have arrived. I, of course, am coming in hot with a lovely cold and rang in the New Year on East Coast time before falling into a NyQuil induced sleep. It was as glorious as ringing in the New Year with a cold can be. Actually, the last time I started the new year with an illness was the same year I met Kyle, so perhaps this means I’m in for a lucky 2019? I don’t know, could just be the DayQuil I just took talking.

I’m actually not much of a New Year’s Eve person. I prefer sweat pants over a sparkly party dress and my Sherpa-lined reading socks from Barnes and Noble over high heels. Kyle and I have a New Year’s Day tradition: we stay in our PJs, make a charcuterie board, watch Harry Potter (he obliges me) and we set goals/budget our year. Last year we had some big plans that ranged from going on our honeymoon (finally) to doing a few house projects and going back to church and guess what we accomplished? Nothing. Nope, not even a single goal was checked off our list. This is not O’Malley Family policy, I’ll have you know. We are a very driven, motivated, hard-working bunch and once we set our minds to something (or somethings) we accomplish it. But, 2018 was the year we hemorrhaged money into seeking fertility treatment, worked hard to pay some of it off and took one mini-vacation that lasted a whopping 36 hours. 2018 was a doozy. For every step forward it felt like we took five back and let’s just say there was no love lost when the clock struck midnight.

So, here we are, a mere 48 hours into 2019 and it feels like everyone has picked a new word for the year ahead and I’m stumped. I mean, I would like my word to be MOTHERHOOD thank you very much but apparently I’m not in control of that.  I would also like my word to be EASY but my track record indicates this is not likely. I could say HEALTHY but that has always sent me into a tailspin that ends with my face in a pizza box. For someone as “wordy” as me, this should be a breeze, but I have so many things on my mind as I start this New Year that selecting one word seems impossible. I took a lot of time on New Year’s Eve to reflect on 2018, to think about all the things I want to focus on, change and find joy in. I thought a lot about where I spend my time, how I want to spend my time and the things I can let go of in order to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself in 2019. Then, on New Year’s Day, Kyle and I spent a few hours talking about our dreams, our future and how we want to spend our year. We then spent more hours laying out our family budget for the month of January and talked about our financial goals for 2019. While I may not have a word for 2019 I have a plan, which I think might be better in the long run.

I’ve decided to share my goals not just to keep me accountable, but to remind myself that better things lay ahead for me and for my family.

Personal Goals for 2019:

Blog three times per week

I have found every excuse under the sun not to get posts out, and this year I am putting my focus back into my blog and my writing….not for any kind of monetary gain, but to spend time doing something I love and record some family memories. I have an accountability buddy for this goal, my friend Nicole from House of Drum.

Read before bed instead of watching TV

Goodbye Great British Baking Show before I fall asleep, hello books. I know we are all giving up screen time because that’s the “trendy” thing to do, but I find that I sleep better when I don’t watch TV before bed. And, reading makes me a better writer.  Another goal that falls in this category is: write in my gratitude journal before bed. I have slacked on this and want to get better about looking for the good in every day.

Go back to church

I felt pulled in many different directions in 2018. I felt frazzled, tired and listless for most of the year and couldn’t shake the feeling that, no matter what I did, I was letting someone down. I’m not saying that going back to church will fix all of this, but I’ve never left the Lord’s house feeling lost or frazzled, just saying. I have an accountability buddy who will be going to church on Sundays with me: my friend Sara! Bonus? We get coffee beforehand!

Stick to family budget

WHY IS THIS SO HARD ALL THE TIME?! I blame Target. I’m determined to be more intentional about sticking to and tracking our expenses more diligently. This will likely be my hardest goal to stick to in 2019.

 PS If one of your 2019 goals includes budgeting, I recommend checking out my friend Paige. She’s a pro!

Cook more at home

I also slack in this department, and really want to get better, especially given the aforementioned budget goal. When I can get myself in the groove, I actually don’t mind cooking so much…..it’s just finding the motivation to do it that I struggle with. I’m hoping to find joy in cooking and trying new recipes in 2019 and will be pinning all the things on Pinterest if you want to follow along.

Set myself up for success in the morning

My mornings are a frantic rush to get out the door and beat traffic. I usually find myself grabbing whatever I can find to wear, throwing together whatever I can find for breakfast and feel stressed out most of the time. So, I’m trying to lay out my clothes the night before, make breakfast ahead of time and set the coffee to brew early. Maybe this will help me feel better about my weekday mornings.

And now, the goals Kyle and I set together:

The O’Malley Family Goals for 2019:

Clean house at least once per week

Sadly, with our schedules our home usually suffers. I feel like there is clutter and mess everywhere and in 2019 we are trying to fix that. Our ultimate goal is to hire a house cleaner once a month but we have a few things in the way before we can make that happen. So, for now, our goal is to really get in there and clean, no matter how tired we are.

Date night once per week

We decided a “date night” can be home on the couch watching a movie or going out for dinner as long as we prioritize our time together.

Less weekend plans, more family time

Kyle and I noticed that we often run ourselves ragged on weekends and feel tired, disconnected and frazzled afterwards. We are being intentional about the plans that we make this year and hoping it leaves us feeling more connected.

Budget check-in once per month

You guys, we are very serious about this budget stuff. We use two apps to save money: Qapital and Acorns. Both of these Apps round up spare change from your purchases and either save it (Qapital) or invest it (Acorns). We have seen our savings double since using these apps. With Qapital, you can set several ways to save money based on your exercise routine, budgeting habits and even your pay schedule. We love both of these Apps and how they have changed our savings accounts!

PS: if you click either link in this section and sign up for either Acorns or Qapital, Kyle and I will receive some money from the apps towards our savings goals (and so will you!). This is not a paid advertisement, we just love these apps and want to share; the apps just give referral bonuses.

Questions I am asking myself in 2019:

Am I doing this because I want to or because I feel like I have to?

Will this fill my cup or empty it?

Does this align with the goals I have set for myself?

If you are the goal-setting kind, tell me some of the things you’re doing in 2019 and how you’re going to do them. Wishing you all a very happy New Year!

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