5 Beautycounter Products I Love

On our last coffee date I mentioned I recently joined Beautycounter. My dear friend Kelly introduced it to me back in July right before I got diagnosed with PCOS. I was skeptical at first: I, like many of you, have been approached by companies trying to sell everything from make-up and skincare to body wraps but I was so intrigued by their mission of safer beauty for everyone that I decided to give it a try.

You guys. I am a believer. Not only does my skin look better and healthier but it FEELS better. I noticed the changes almost instantly. The products are made with safe ingredients, which I didn’t realize was so important to me until I got my PCOS diagnosis. I began to research the importance of taking care of my body from the inside out and in addition to cleaning up my diet I decided to clean up my skincare and make-up. I never realized how many harmful ingredients are in some of our favorite make-up and skincare brands and that it takes 26 seconds for these ingredients to enter your bloodstream. I’m still learning about all of this and we all know I’m better at taking care of other people and supporting/promoting others over myself but the universe has a sense of humor and I have to start putting myself and my health first. Investing in these products has been a real game changer for me. I’ve been impressed with how long the products last and how just a little bit goes a long way.

I know, it’s an MLM and I know there is a lot of negative connotation surrounding that. I know there is judgement that comes with that. I know because these were my reactions too and, honestly, I’ve been a little hesitant to share that I joined Beautycounter because of that; because I’ve been afraid of judgement from all of you. But, all MLM shit aside, I also know that I have found products that work for me and I love them.

So, today, I’m going to share my 5 favorite Beautycounter products.

ONE: Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage


There is SPF 20 in this moisturizing lotion and a slight tint that makes my skin dewy and glowing. It’s so light that I barely feel it on my face. I use it as my main foundation (I use shade No. 1.) and after I put it on I use powder, blush and highlighter. If you want/need more coverage I wouldn’t use this product but if you’re looking for something light, airy with a dewy finish, this one is for you! Click here to read more about it (including ingredients and reviews).

TWO: Charcoal Cleansing Bar


I know charcoal isn’t for everyone but the O’Malley Family has oily, acne prone skin so we love us some charcoal skincare products. I was using the Biore Charcoal Face Wash for about 3 years and this charcoal cleansing bar is just as good, if not better because it has no toxic chemicals in it. I saw results from using this very quickly, which I loved. I wash my face with this every night after I remove my make-up. Even Kyle uses it now! Click here to read more about it (including ingredients and reviews)

THREE: Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream


Basically? This is a busy event planner’s best friend. I use 1/2 a pump of this bad boy and pat it under my tired eyes every morning and they look brighter almost instantly. Click here for more information (including ingredients and reviews)

FOUR: Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion


This is now my main moisturizer. I use it every other night after I’ve showered and cleaned my face. It’s really hydrating and makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby’s bum. I use it every other night because it moisturizes for 24 hours. Click here for more information (including ingredients and reviews).

FIVE: Body Wash (Citrus Mimosa scent)


I used to use the Caress Brown Butter Body Wash until Kelly told me about this one and, during a sale, I purchased it on a whim thinking that I wouldn’t love anything more than the Caress brand. But, this one is delightful. The citrus smell is not overwhelming (I thought it would be) and just a little bit gets some awesome bubbles so this one has lasted me awhile. Click here for more information (including ingredients and reviews).

Products on my wish list:

  1. Overnight Resurfacing Peel

  2. Countersun Mineral Sunscreen

  3. Volumizing Mascara

  4. Velvet Eyeshadow-Classic

  5. Repair and Nourish Split End Serum

Thank you for indulging me. If you haven’t tried the products and you want to let me know!

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