Coffee Date Vol 8 (it rhymes!!)

There are links in this post, but I do not make money off them if you click on them because I’m not that cool.

There are links in this post, but I do not make money off them if you click on them because I’m not that cool.

I think many of us have been locked indoors either from a Polar Vortex or Southern California rainpocalypse so I think we could all use a coffee date, right? Whether you’ve been braving insanely cold temps or torrential downpour, thank you for joining me for our monthly coffee date. Today, lets get out of the damn house and meet at a coffee shop. We’ll grab a table, maybe split a baked good and catch up.

If we were on a coffee date….I would ask you about how you spend your time. I feel like I spend most of mine in a perpetual state of tired but always wishing I was doing more. Like blogging for example, I love sitting down, writing and sharing with the little community we have here, but there are some days where all I can manage to do is collapse into bed and hope I’ll get to it tomorrow. I ask you, how…..HOW do I get it all done? HOW. One of my goals this year was to really focus on my blog and my writing and that goal feels like it’s burning in a dumpster fire. But, this is a new month and there are new possibilities here. This month I am determined to do better.

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you I have a new hobby: thrifting. If you and I are friends in real life I’m sure this statement is handing you a real laugh because thrift stores used to give me anxiety, but now? I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. My favorite way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning is to grab coffee with my friend Sara and hit the thrift stores in Downtown Ventura. I’ve scored some amazing finds and added some fun new (old) items to our home, especially after everyone has gone Marie Kondo crazy in the last few months! I would ask if you enjoy thrifting and about some of your best finds. I would suggest giving thrifting a try if you haven’t already: you would be surprised at some of the things you might find (and how much money you save on name brand items).

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you some of my favorite blog posts are my friend Paige’s Daily Eats posts. I love how she makes eating what you want, when you want look easy, achievable and fun. I also am one of those weird people who love seeing glimpses into people’s daily lives (and I guess you are too which is why you’re reading this post) and seeing the way Paige organizes her life and her meals is just so inspiring! I would ask who some of your favorite bloggers are and what you love about them. I am always looking for new blogs to follow!

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you my dear friend Erin from Everything with Love also wrote a coffee date post and she has three kids so I should probably stop complaining about not having time to write on this blog.

If we were on a coffee date….I would probably get us on the topic of influencers. I have a lot of thoughts. It seems like everyone is trying to be a brand, sell a brand or tell me to shop a brand and I can’t help but ask: what kind of influence are we trying to create here? I mean, I’m sure the money is good, but shouldn’t we be more focused on influencing people to be kind, to live a better life and be better people? These are the kind of influeners I want to follow and the kind of influence I want to have.

If we were on a coffee date….I would tell you about this random show Kyle and I watched on Hulu called “A Day in the Life”. It’s exactly what the title implies and follows famous people around for a day in their lives which, let’s face it, is nothing like the lives we live. Anyway, the episode we were watching was about Richard Branson and he flew back and forth from Europe to America 4 times in 3 days. Then he flew to the Maldives for vacation. Kyle’s reaction was “his life looks like so much fun! It’s all party, party, party” and I said “omg this gives me anxiety, his poor assistant is probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown with all of the travel she has to book and meetings she has to schedule”. And that, my friends, sums Kyle and I up in a nutshell.

It’s been lovely catching up with you today, thank you for meeting me! Can’t wait for our next one!

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